Why Enter

Why you should enter The Tabby Awards competition:

  • The Tabby Awards is the only competition specifically devoted to tablet apps and games. Your app won’t be mixed with smartphone apps nor traditional websites.
  • It is a worldwide competition. Nominees, Users’ Choice picks and Winners benefit from the prestige of a global award.
  • We have many categories, reflecting the breadth of apps and games available in app stores. You will certainly find at least one category where your app will shine.
  • For consumers and gamers, finding good tablet apps is difficult. Consumers look for clues in the market to help them select the right app for their purpose, and award winners have an advantage (particularly if users must pay for an app). Winning an award is a sure way to stand out in your category.
  • In addition to taking part in a final judging round, Nominees also have the opportunity of receiving public votes and being declared as a Users’ Choice pick by app users and games.
  • Nominees, Users’ Choice picks and Winners will be announced in widely disseminated news releases and will get opportunities to be covered by media.
  • Winning an award is an excellent way to attract, retain and motivate the best talent.
  • Submitting an entry is easy, quick and cheap.
  • The only thing you can be sure of is: if you don’t submit, you can’t win (and another app will).

You want to win? Please review our guidelines, select one or several categories, and then register to enter the competition >>>