• The Tabby Awards celebrate the best tablet apps and games, in order to encourage excellence, to help developers and publishers develop and adopt best practices, and to accelerate the growth of the tablet ecosystem.


  • Judges are appointed by The Tabby Awards among professionals having an expertise in app or game development and/or publishing, with the additional contribution of some analysts, journalists and expert users or gamers.

Our 2015 panel of judges includes:



Thiéry AdamThiéry Adam
CEO, Trailblazer Games

Behrouz BayatBehrouz Bayat
COO, Execution Labs

Brent BrooklerBrent Brookler
CEO/Founder, FlowVella (a 2014 Tabby Awards winner)

Nick CarsonNick Carson
Editor, Computer ArtsFuture Plc (a 2014 Tabby Awards finalist)

Ram JalanRam Jalan
Head, New Platforms, Marketing Communication, Business Strategy, BW | Businessworld

Lubna KeawpannaLubna Keawpanna
Creative Director & Founder, Smack (a 2014 Tabby Awards double finalist)

Eric LamyEric Lamy
Vermont Chapter President, ECA

Mike LebrunMike Lebrun
Product Manager – Mobile Solutions, Morningstar  (a 2014 Tabby Awards Users’ Choice)

Luke LiLuke Li
Senior Art Director, The Science Project

Nick MaceyNick Macey
Chief Product Officer, Rosetta Stone (a 2014 Tabby Awards winner)

Julian MarodaJulian Maroda
CEO, Norsfell

Anjali MenonAnjali Menon
Art Director, Coty

Quadri OshibotuQuadri Oshibotu
Product Manager, Tiny Hearts (a 2014 Tabby Awards winner)

Syed RazikSyed Razik
General Secretary, The Knowledge Foundation

Doron ReuveniDoron Reuveni
CEO, Applause

Kenneth RorabackKenneth Roraback
Director of User Experience, HomerLearning (a 2014 Tabby Awards finalist)

Tom RicketTom Ricket
Partner, Inert Soap (a 2014 Tabby Awards winner)

Bertrand SchmittBertrand Schmitt
CEO and Chairman, App Annie

Rachit ShuklaRachit Shukla
CEO, Two Toasters

Ben SutherlandBen Sutherland
CEO, Present Creative

Aaron WatkinsAaron Watkins
President, Appency

Heather WildeHeather Wilde
CTO, ROCeteer

Dmitri WilliamsDmitri Williams
CEO and Co-Founder, Ninja Metrics

Wing YuWing Yu
CEO, FinancialContent Services

Judges must declare any potential conflict of interest before the voting process begins. If any judge has an interest in a piece submitted to the competition, he/she is not authorized to vote in the corresponding category.


  • The panel of judges reserves the right to decide the judging criteria and their respective importance.
  • As a guideline, judges are encouraged to consider the following criteria: Value for user, Speed, Concept, Navigation, Design, Innovation, Ease of use, Use of tablet device functions, Performance.
  • Judges consider the app itself, and the supporting information provided in the submission.


  • Judging panel deliberations are confidential.
  • Judging panel reserves the right to change an entry category.
  • Judging panel reserves the right to combine several categories into a single one, or to split a category in several categories.
  • Judging panel proclaims one or several nominee(s) and one winner per category.
  • Judging panel reserves the right not to grant an award in any category where the highest standards of excellence are not met.
  • Judging panel decisions are final.

If you would like to serve as a judge in this or in a future competition, see our call for judges.