Tabby Awards /Business 2013 Judging Panel


Here were the judges for The Tabby Awards /Business 2013 competition:

  • Milind Gadekar (Chairman) is the CEO and Co-founder of CloudOn, a cloud-based mobile workspace that enables workers to use Microsoft Office applications on tablets. Its innovative app makes life easier for users to access files on Box and Dropbox, two of the largest cloud storage services.
  • Bruce Johnson (Vice-Chairman) is an Associate Partner with SAP Mobility & Innovation at IBM


  • Andy Zimmerman – CMO at BrainShark (a previous Tabby Awards /Business winner)


  • Paul Pacun – CEO & Founder Appsolutely , makers of Vablet (a previous Tabby Awards /Business winner)


  • Michael A. Trautt – CEO and Co-Founder of Troy Apps Software (a previous Tabby Awards /Business finalist)









  • Fred Brunel –Mobile Solutions Consultant at WhereCloud


  • Ayman Suleiman – Founder of tablet-focused Android app store, Tablified


  • Joe Wildfire – Head of Interactive Sales at Genentech



  • Louis Jonckheere – Co-founder at Showpad



  • Maryam Motamedi – Technical product manager at Quantcast



(Judges must declare any potential conflict of interest before the voting process begins. If any judge has an interest in a piece submitted to the competition, he/she is not authorized to vote in the corresponding category.)

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